Sunday, May 15, 2022

Live, ONLINE Event

Millions of meditators all around the globe will be sharing in this most Divine and Holy time. It is said that no price is too great to travel to be part of the WESAK.

The WESAK is at the Full Moon of Taurus.  The WESAK is regarded as the most important time to meditate in the Spiritual Year.  At the time of Full Moon in Taurus the Buddha descends for eight minutes in the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas supercharging all participants with energy that is only accessible at once a year. Daniel O’Hara has participated with Master Choa all over the globe or led Wesak Meditations since ’95. Please meditate as much as possible prior to May 15th to maximize this precious time.

The is the ABSOLUTE BEST time of the year to meditate.


Mount Kailash, Wesak valley, Tibet


This is THE MOST IMPORTANT time of the year to meditate to maximize this time the following are recommended:

1) Meditate as much as possible,
2) Epsom salt baths daily
3) Be more vegetarian
4) Moderate emotions and cultivate gratitude, love, mercy, and compassion 
5) Kundalini energy travels on sex on energy, so do not release until after the 17th
6) Read spiritual books

Here’s a great booklet on the WESAK.

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$29 per person

Please wear white for this sacred event.

To maximize the benefit to you, please meditate as much as possible in the weeks and days before the event.

You will receive a Zoom link after registering

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