Meditation Theme Nights

You will love our wonderful community of like-minded people, the blissful meditations, and many empowering seminars and events.  Every Thursday is unique as you’ll get to experience one of a dozen Theme Nights.

WHOLLY Healing Night

For those looking for healing, this is your night.  Combining the words Whole and Holy, we endeavor to accomplish both.  First, you’ll become one with the Christ and the whole Universe.  In a second meditation, Daniel will do a group healing that most describe as priceless.


Usually timed around the New Moon, this is the most uplifting and energizing night of the month.  It’s a combination of elements including meditation and NLP for feeling empowered, motivated and clear.  You will be cheering for yourself when you leave!


Do you believe in Angels?  Do you believe in Arch Angels?  If you don’t, you will and even have a few on your shoulder when you leave!  You’ll connect to this realm and help yourself and your family in the process.


Was this sacred prayer used even before the time of the Christ?  You’ll experience three versions of this meditation on the Lord’s Prayer, each with an even more powerful version than the prior.  You will end the evening feeling balanced—Both connected above to the Divine as well as below to the earth.


This night is all about healing and you are in charge of it!  In meditation, you will be guided to your own private healing sanctuary where you will receive powerful physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.  If you want to develop laser-like focus and the ability to imagine, visualize, and have prolonged awareness then come and get your inner Jedi on!


Did you know you are a Buddha?   You will after this most special meditation night.  You’ll experience the transformative Buddha Fields Meditation based on Daniel’s book Buddha Fields and other synergistic Tantric meditations.


Are mantras your thing?  If they are, this night is for YOU!  Borrowing from Buddhist, Hindu and other traditions, this night is all about your Mantras.  Learn the power of OM!


Several times throughout the year, different esoteric topics are presented in an educational, interactive and entertaining format.  They are highly researched, enthralling and funny.  Sign up for our weekly email and you can stay in the loop regarding these upcoming event nights with special well-known guest speakers and educational opportunities like “Divine your Decade,” “Astrotheology in the Bible,” “The Bible, the Brain and the Location of Heaven,” “Da Vinci’s Last Supper: Revealing the Esoteric and Secrets,” “Prosperity Mantra Night,” and other well-known special speakers are offered to curious minds who want to know more.

Meditation MASHUP

Sometimes, in life you want to spice things up and it’s time for a little variety.  On this special night we do rare meditations and enjoy the surprise and uniqueness of the experience.  We lovingly refer to this as our “One Hit Wonder Meditation night” because these meditations are rare and not publicly available.


Usually done around the time of the Full Moon, this is our most blissful of meditation nights.  Did you know you are a precious Soul?  You’ll increase this connection and even connect to the Billionaire version of you, the Nobel Laureate you, and other aspects of you that can help you live more fully today.


Get your Goddess On!  This Theme night is for all genders and is about balancing the Sacred Feminine within and around all.

Full Moon Meditation

Formerly done on the beach, now Daniel leads in a Buddhist Ceremonial Meditation, blessing the Pacific Ocean and all its inhabitants.  Periodically, we also have a Buddhist Ceremony called an Ullabmana for those who have transitioned.