Buddha full moon

Namaste and Aloha!

This week we usher in seasonal rain to Orange County riding the healing waves and honoring the cleansing power of water, Aquarius the Water Bearer, and island traditions to heal ourselves and people across the globe.

Wade in with us on Thursday at 7 pm.  We will include some Ho’oponopono, Twin Hearts, The River of Peace Meditation, and The Great Invocation to do lots of clearing and blessing.

Love and Tujechey, Daniel

May all sentient beings have happiness and its causes.
May all sentient beings be free of suffering and its causes.
May all sentient beings never be separated from bliss and be without suffering.
May all sentient beings be in equanimity, free of bias, attachment, and anger.
May the hearts of all beings be filled with happiness and peace.
May all sentient beings be safe and secure.
May all beings live joyfully and with ease.
May all beings be healthy and prosperous.