the elements


Your physical health depends on it!
Your emotional health depends on it!
Your mental health depends on it!
Your spiritual health depends on it!

What is the “it?”  IT is the building blocks of life- THE ELEMENTS!

A few months ago, after reading nearly 400 books for my upcoming book and Master Class on CHRISTIFICATION and the possible spiritual practices of Ravi Yehoshua Bar Miriam, who most people incorrectly refer to as Jesus, the ELEMENTS became dominant in my frontal lobe.

I did a deeper dive into Hermeticism, Quabballah, Vajrayana Buddhism, Hsying-Yi, and Sethian Gnosticism to find answers, inner formulas, and combinations, and AVATARfication evolved. Much of this was already in my consciousness; however, new breakthroughs and levels were achieved.

With five planets in Aries in my life, I immediately became aware of my imbalances, and this practice rapidly brought peace, strength, stability, and balance.  For example, being so fiery and mental, I had difficulty relating to a water sign. 

Have you ever felt the following: too grounded, ungrounded, fearful, emotional, quick to anger, overly mental, and the opposite of blissful???  If so, this simple, powerful, and practical Theme night is for you. 

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