Buddha Fields Blessing Meditation (23 min. mp3 audio file) – $9

Distant Healing – $125.00 per session

About Distant Healings

Distant healing sessions last approximately 55 minutes. We will set up a mutually agreed time and speak over the phone. Whether you are in the same room or two continents away, the results are still the same.

Pro Athlete Distant Healing – $250.00 per session

The Bible, The Brain and the Location of Heaven (77 Min Video) – $7.00

A video of Daniel’s talk on 3/20/14 (the Spring Equinox). This highly enlightening and entertaining talk is a 77 minute presentation weaving together the Teachings of the Bible, Physics, Biology, Anatomy, Astronomy, Religion, Myth and the Esoteric. For the cost of a meal, you’ll be spiritually fed and be able to re-watch this talk for years to come.

Angel Meditation – $13.00

Astrotheology in the Bible (1 hr. 45 min. Video) – $15.00

2013-03-21 Astrotheology in the Bible flyer

Orgyen Dzambhala Mantra (Buddha or Wealth Mantra) – $9.00

Genius Night (3 hr + handout) – $30


Note: For the above video and audio files, a downloadable link will be emailed during normal business hours (PST)